FACESKG IV (English Version)

These are some questions about your family and your daily life.
There are no "right/wrong" or "desirable/undesirable" answers for these questions .
For each question, circle "Yes" for those that respond to you, and "No" for those that don't.
You are not required to answer any questions that seem uncomfortable to you.

Cohesion Adaptability
1 When I talk to my parents about my future, they give a different advice every time. Yes / No 3.5
2 I don't exactly know the birth dates and ages of everyone in my family. Yes / No -0.5
3 I don't mind trying on clothes in front of my parents. Yes / No 3.5
4 My parents have never scolded me no matter what I do. Yes / No 3.5
5 My father helps with the household chores Yes / No 0.5
6 No one will take care of me even when I am sick. Yes / No -3.5
7 My mother and father love each other a lot. Yes / No -1.5
8 When making decisions about school or extra curricular activities, I get advice from my parents, but in the end I make my own decisions Yes / No 0.5
9 When I see my parents suffering, I feel the pain even more than them. Yes / No 3.5
10 When a family member is not home until late, we stay up to wait for them. Yes / No 2.5
11 My mother sometimes fixes me snacks. Yes / No 0.5
12 My parents cannot make any decisions in my house. Yes / No 3.5
13 I talk on the phone for 2-3 hours every day without being scolded. Yes / No 2.5
14 When I do something wrong, my parents explain to me why it was wrong. Yes / No -0.5
15 I don't mind if my parents hug me in public. Yes / No 2.5
16 Even if someone in the family is acting strange, no one will ask them what is wrong. Yes / No -3.5
17 My parents scold me very severely when I make even the smallest mistake Yes / No -2.5
18 I sometimes talk to my parents about problems I have with my friends.. Yes / No 1.5
19 When my mother is out and cannot fix dinner, whoever that has the time will fix it. Yes / No 0.5
20 When I go out, I almost always tell my parents where I am going. Yes / No 0.5
21 My parents hug and kiss me often. Yes / No 3.5
22 My father sometimes goes out with his friends, and my mother with hers. Yes / No -0.5
23 My parents will never listen to my point of view in any situation. Yes / No -3.5
24 When I misbehave, my parents never hit me, but I get a severe scolding. Yes / No -0.5
25 When family obligations and plans with friends collide, I choose to be with my friends. Yes / No -0.5
26 My parents often go out together. Yes / No 1.5
27 No one in our family knows anything about each other's friends. Yes / No -2.5
28 In our family, we never talk over things. The children are simply told what the adults have decided. Yes / No -3.5
29 My parents often tell me to just be quiet and listen to whatever they tell me to do. Yes / No -2.5